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Do you or don't you have termites?  Not sure... 1 in 3 homes do!

A CSRIO survey in 2004 found that one in three homes have had at least one infestation from subterranean Termites!

That's the good news, the bad news is the survey was carried out in the southern states of Australia.  Here in Brisbane & Queensland the problem is worse.

Your home is at risk from Termites no matter what management system has been installed and if it's a physical system then the risk is greater!


Finding a reputable termite treatment Brisbane company

First, I encourage you to read our web site, and shop around by getting quotes from other companies and call us to compare the price and quality of service. 

You will find that Osborne’s Pest Services is the professional experienced company you are looking for. We are a family owned and run business that cares about our customer’s home and family, taking care of all their Brisbane pest control concerns.  

Why us... because:

  • We turn up when we say we will and on time.
  • We are fully insured (certificate of currency is available on request)
  • We are fully licensed by both Qld Health Department and Queensland Building services Authority (QBSA 1218265); and
  • We guarantee our results!Button showing ‘readmore’

Our termite treatments are fully compliant to the Australian Standards. Our advice to you is be prepared to be amazed about our knowledge our customer service and our care. And lastly never base your decision on price. 

Don't ask am I paying too much... ask am I paying enough for a professional service. After all you only have your home to lose.

You'll then see what we mean about experiencing the 'Professional Difference'.  To eliminate termites 24/7 Book Your Termite Inspection and Treatment program today with leading Termite Specialists in Brisbane & Gold Coast


 Pest inspection Brisbane bookings

Termite Treatment Brisbane

Termite control Brisbane rotting woodThere are over 300 different types of termites in Australia, around about 6 plus sub species of these are the type you will find infesting your home.

They enjoy starting up nests in warmer climates such as summer and can be found setting up camp underground and in dark and damp environments such as tree trunks, soil, fencing and building mud shelter tubes enabling easy access into your home and much more. Some termites can move up to hundred’s of metres underground so you may even be at risk from outside your property boundary lines.

While Termites will do structural damage to your property, you may not realise they can also harm plasterboard, rubber, fibreglass, plastics, books, clothes, artwork, insulation, carpets and more.

For the most comprehensive termite treatment Brisbane services you have come to the right place.

Our experienced and efficient team have all the right equipment and know-how to free your home completely from these nasty termites.

Termite Inspections

Brisbane and Gold Coast pest control servicing usually takes around 2 – 2.5 hours per inspection and we guarantee results. If we have conducted an inspection and removal of pests, or, termites and you are yet again infested within the next 12 months, we will come back and treat your home for free.

Each situation is unique and as such we customise our approach to your home by using either direct or remote colony eradication techniques. For more information on our Brisbane pest control methods take a look at our termite treatment page.

For personalised, thorough and specialist pest inspection and termite treatment services our Osbornes Pest Services team are your go-to termite control Brisbane experts. We also provide pest control Gold Coast services for those further afield.


Minimise Termite Invasion

To help protect your home, find an experienced company that will conduct itself in a professional manner from start to finish, but 'good luck' because this is not an easy task.

The worst news about Termites is the Termite Management Industry.

The industry is totally unregulated, has no adequate training program and it's too easy to get qualified!

Some companies qualify their staff within only 4 - 6 weeks and then allow these people to inspect for Termites and carry out Termite Treatments in your home.

Please, I beg of you, do your research, apart from your family, your home is the most valuable thing you have!  Don't leave it to cowboys to look after - use only qualified termite control Brisbane specialists


Does Your Home Have Termites?

It is not easy to determine if your home is infested with termites and it is not a do it your self-operation only extensively trained and experienced operators can detect infestation before severe damage is done.

Though building harm usually only begins to take effect about 3 years after a nest has been built, the sooner you deal with it the better. It will cost you less long-term in termite treatment and damage repair services. By letting the white ants fester the damage will worsen and the nest will grow. The bigger a nest is, the harder it becomes to wipe out all traces of the insect.

To spot house damaged areas peruse our photo gallery for common indicators.


Building a New Home or Office?

Take Precautions with Termite Protection

If you are building a steel, brick or masonry home you may think you are safe, but, do not be lulled into a false sense of security, termites can infect any sort of home no matter the building materials used in construction.

Make sure your builder will provide termite protection for your new home to make it difficult for white ants to enter. The type of white ant protection will depend on what sort of house you are building.

If it will be erected on raised or suspended timber floors then a termite shield, also known as, an Ant Cap should be used by your builder. These are installed on the stumps the foundation of your home rests upon, as well as the floor-frame underside. Though this method doesn’t eliminate the possibility of attack, it does mean if your home is under attack, it will be obvious as the pests have nowhere to hide.

On the other hand, if your new home is being built on ground level, Physical management systems must be installed into the building foundation and other vital areas. Physical management systems can consist of such materials as crushed granite, stainless steel mesh, or, sheet capping which forces termites to craft mud shelter tubes around this defence to gain access. These tubes are easily visible to pest inspectors and help simplify removal and improve the chances of total elimination. But they are only effective if they are inspected on a regular basis. At least every month minimum.

If you are building a home with multiple levels it is important to incorporate sub-floor ventilation between levels to ward-off termites and prevent moisture build-up resulting in decay

What To Do if Your Notice Termite Activity

If you have realised your home is under attack, do not take it upon yourself to try and get rid of these pests. You need a Brisbane pest control expert to find the source of infestation and ensure full removal. Upon noticing an infestation you should take the following steps:

  • Do not disturb the mud trails they have constructed as it can worsen the problem by interfering with the treatment process..
  • Advise your home builder to the problem as you may be under warranty through your builder with a termite barrier installer/supplier to cover the termite pest control Brisbane costs of eradication and repairs.
  • Enquire with your regular termite treatment Brisbane inspection business. This is only applicable if engaging yearly, or, half-yearly scheduled pest control Brisbane callouts. You may have indemnity insurance with them to cover the repair costs on your behalf.
  • If you are not covered by warranties or insurance, or, if these aforementioned parties cannot rectify the problem then it is best to contact our termite and pest control Brisbane based business to take care of the problem and give you back your peace of mind.

Also beware of Timber replacement warranties and Insurance most are not worth the paper they are written on. An example is product warranties. The real bad news is the product does not fail how it is installed does. The manufacturer can offer these warranties knowing that they will never have to pay out.

Lower the Risk of Getting Termites

There are simple steps you can take to lower being at risk of termites in your home. Below are some ideas that can help your home. 

  • Don’t place wooden objects such as fireplace timber near your home.
  • Place gardens away from your house. Erecting a garden bed alongside your house may ruin the effectiveness of your pest chemical barrier (if you receive regular termites Brisbane pest control servicing). If it is unavoidable try and ensure they aren’t raised above ground level. Ideally the garden beds should be 75mm under the damp-proof course line.
  • Don’t cover or hide weep-holes, vents or visible concrete foundation edges with gardens, flowers, or, shrubs.
  • If you are adding trees to your yard you should get some advice on roots structure and length to determine how far away from your home they ought to be planted. Too close and the roots may penetrate your existing white ant barrier, or, cause cracks in the building foundations.
  • If you have suspended floors in your home do not cover ventilation sources as these areas must have access to constant airflow to remain dry.
  • If adding on to your home with renovations such as a garage, car-port, workshop, or, even a water heater, keep in mind these additions may create a bridge for the critters to enter your home, voiding the effectiveness of your existing termite barrier.

If you would like further advice, please talk to the experienced team at Osbornes Termite and Pest Services on 07 3822 6284


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