How to choose the right Company?

You ask the right questions, like:

How long will the inspection take?

Dont ask how much but how long is the important thing.

If you are paying a good inspector say $250.00 or about $125.00 an hour then thats about right. However, if you can get it for only $200.00 elsewhere and for under an hour then be warned!

The simple maths is $125.00 an hour to do the job properly or $200.00 an hour not to do the job properly. That bargain saving of $50.00 may cost you several thousand dollars later. Ensure you are receiving value and security.

What equipment will you be using?

Beware of gimmicks. By this I mean Thermal imaging cameras, Termitrac and Sniffer dogs. What these people are saying to you is I don’t know how to find Termites and need all the help I can get.

Thermal imaging cameras do not see into walls and rarely find Termites. If you need a Thermal camera to find Termites you should not be doing the job.

Termitrac at best is a very inconsistent tool, it does have some value but again a good inspector will find more.

Sniffer dogs can be of value if the training is kept up. They can also be erratic. Again a cute gimmick.

Are you insured?

Don’t take their word for it demand to see their Certificate of Currency.

Are you QBSA licenced?

Again demand to see their Certificate of Currency. It is your right to demand these documents so do.

Is your Health Department License endorsed for Timber Pests.

You may be dealing with an employee make sure that they are qualified. Don’t take their word for it make them show you. If they cannot show you any of these documents cancel the inspection until they can.


A Berrington

We had termite issues on our house for years. After using probably 6 different termite/pest ‘specialists’, we stumbled onto Pat Osborne’s Website….AT LAST, somebody who actually had a solution, AND it was simple! Pat offered us payment solutions as well which certainly helped the budget. Pat started work on one of the hottest days of the year, and he didn’t leave a stone unturned in his initial inspection and then the treatment was just as accurate and detailed…..his expertise and dedication to the solution was so straight forward and logical that I was wondering if all the other ‘experts’ had been sniffing too much of their chemicals that they wanted to splash everywhere. I would recommend the Osborne’s Pest Services for any termite treatment, and feel free to allow any potential customer to contact me for a direct referral.

Marie Bottolfsen, Lota

It is really nice in this day and age to meet an honest and hardworking company that does a really good job and does it at a good price.  One year ago we had a complete building and pest inspection prior to buying our house – due to job changes – one year later we had to sell, only to find out to our dismay that our sale fell through as we had termites and a very nervous English couple who had not heard of termites before!  Osborne’s Pest Services came to the rescue! Within one day they got rid of the live termites and ensured they would not come back again.  They come highly recommended.  They worked quickly, efficiently and neatly and above all were very friendly and GOOD at their job.  Thank you – from one very satisfied customer.

Lyn and Robert, Cashmere

"Four years ago we found the nasty termite in our recently purchased home. We immediately engaged a company to eradicate this problem. The company used what they called a chemical barrier. The chemical barrier was created using a trenching and drilling technique. Where bare earth/lawn or gardens were against the house a trench was dug and the chemical sprayed, any pavers or concrete were drilled and the chemical was injected. Two thirds of the area around our house is paved. After constantly finding termites on our annual inspections we asked Pat Osborne for a second opinion. Pat at once put us at ease and began a chemical barrier around our home. Pat lifted all pavers and trenched completely around our house and in doing so discovered the entry point of the termites. This gave us peace of mind that our termite problem would be over. The drilling and injecting method of our first chemical barrier had no effect on eradicating the termites and in fact had allowed the termites to use the same entry point they had used initially. Pat was completely professional and extremely approachable, as was his team of workers. After the treatment was finished all pavers were professionally replaced and his ongoing service is second to none. We have no hesitation in recommending Pat Osborne."

Paul and Patsy Gosling, Ormiston

"When we late last year found termites in our home, urgent action was required from an organization which preferably specialized in termite control. Discussions with several people including Pat Osborne resulted in Osbornes Pest Services being selected to permantly eradicate our termite problem. Pat logically explained the alternatives and his recommendations, then in a most professional and practical manner installed a full barrier and provided a timber replacement warranty, all at a most reasonable cost. In a matter as serious as this we found Pat to be very knowledgeable, prompt and on time with his service delivery, neat in job execution, tidy in after job clean up and thorough in further satisfaction follow up. He is highly recommended by us as a true professional."

Robert and Vicki Schuh, Alexandra Hills

"We have known and recommended Pat Osborne for over 16 years to family and friends. Pat won our trust and business in 1990 when doing our pest control he alerted us to a potentially dangerous electrical wiring hazard in a house we had just purchased. Pats attention to detail and customer services second to none, and when we discovered termites in our current property Pat was around to fix the problem promptly."

Colin & Anne Tucker, Cleveland

"Like many other people, we have tried many preventative measures to stop termites entering our home. After using chemical barriers and visual inspections we still didnt have peace of mind that we would be termite free.

After having a consultation with Osbornes Pest Services, Pat Osborne recommended the Sentricon Termite Control System. We found the results to be immediate as colonies of termites on our property were located in multiple stations installed and promptly eradicated.

Pat does a regular monthly inspection of all stations and we are currently termite free. Best of all we have peace of mind with the $100,000 timber replacement policy which comes with the Sentricon Termite Control System.

We would not hesitate to recommend Osbornes Pest Services to anybody who is looking to find a professional and reliable pest service."

Theresa Doherty, Thornlands

"After trying many other pest controllers that I was unhappy with, I was given Pats name and number so I gave him a try. Now over 10 years later I would not have anyone but Pat do my pest control. I have no problems recommending Pat to any one."

Graham Finlayson, Thornlands

"I thought I had nothing to worry about after we had a chemical barrier done about 3 years ago. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Pat came out and after inspecting my house Pat explained why the barrier had failed and then explained the best form of treatment for me, which was a baiting system. Pat now services my home on a monthly basis and fully documents what he finds and does each time."

Pam McGavin, Redland Bay

"Pat is simply the best pest man we have ever used. He is honest and reliable. Pat has been servicing our home for the last 15 years."

Sharon Rice, Thornlands

"Pat is very understanding of peoples concerns about termites and I have always trusted his advice over the last 16 years. His knowledge on termites appears to be second to none."

Peter Wright, Thornlands

"We currently have all 4 houses owned by our family being looked after by Pat, we wouldnt trust any one else with our homes."

Tracey Parker, Birkdale

"After finding termite damage in my bedroom I had another pest company inspect my house. They told me I had no active termites in the house. I thought I would get a second opinion so I called Pat. He found termites in my walk in robe my bathroom and in the ceiling only 24 hours after the other inspection. What impressed me the most was Pats thoroughness and obvious knowledge."

Lois Mawter, Birkdale

"After our experience with an ineffective barrier treatment installed one year ago which resulted in extensive termite damage, (our external concrete was drilled and injected which did not stop the termites) followed by  research and discussions with pest controllers, we were confident to go with Pat Osborne and Termidor.  I would recommend him unreservedly for his professionalism and commitment to the industry."

Shannon & Kerri, Perth

Recently we found termites in out garage they had made their way under the pad and up a wall cavity. We contacted a local pest control company and had the area treated as well as a barrier applied around the house. Three months later the termites were back still in the garage but in another location, again we called the same pest control company they came out treated the termites and gave us all the assurances under the sun of how they would now be dead. A couple of months later we noticed fresh termite activity in the same spot in the garage, except this time the termites had made it to the roof and had started munching the roof timbers and made a football size nest in the roof. Fed up with the little buggers and the incompetence of the Pest Control Company and some really bad advice we started to do some research on the NET.

That is when we found Pat (Osborne’s Pest Service) although Pat was in Brisbane and we in Perth WA. Pat took the time and effort at no cost, to direct us on the right path. He researched local companies and made some recommendations and explained how and why the different treatments work. He was in constant communication with us and even allowed my stressed out wife to call him at any time day or night 24/7. We followed Pat’s recommendations and discussed with the new pest company what Pat had told us.

Together we came up with a solution that has eradicated the termite colony and saved us a fortune in the long run. If you are reading this trying to make up your mind who to use to solve your pest problem, I whole heartedly recommend Pat and Osborne’s Pest Services.

Our Guarantee to YOU

Timber Repair Guarantee.

Accept our recommended Termite Treatment and if you get Termites back we will repair the damage in full.

Termite Inspection Guarantee.

Have your home inspected by us and if you get Termites in your home within the next 12 months we will treat your home for FREE.

Pest Control Guarantee.

Have your home treated for general pests and if they come back in the next 12 months so do we.

So why use Osborne’s?

Professionalism you will see that right from the very start!

As a family owned and operated business we care for our clients and their families because they have trusted us with their most valuable possession. Our integrity expertise and effectiveness are second to none.

Before calling us, we ask you to get at least one other quote, you will then Experience the Professional Difference that we provide.

How to Choose the Right Company?

If you get three different quotes you will get three different points of view.

So how do you choose the right company?

You ask the right questions.

Question 1

When you do my quote will you be suppling me a full inspection report?


Why do you need an inspection report you ask? For two reasons, firstly Section 4 Australian Standards states that a Termite manager or Firm proposing a termite Management program MUST IN ADDITION TO THE INSPECTION REPORT supply a quote in writing.

Why is this so important you ask?

A pest manager should be doing things by the book which in this case is the Australian Standards. Which brings me to the second point the quote allows you to get a feel for the integrity of the company you are dealing with.

Ask yourself this if they won’t do the quote properly what hope is there of them doing anything properly. Answer is none.

Do you trust your family home to someone with no integrity?

Question 2

Are you insured?


Ask for a copy of their Certificate of Currency. At Osbornes we supply a certificate with every Termite quote.

Question 3

Are they QBSA licenced?


Ask for a copy of their Certificate of Currency. At Osbornes we supply a certificate with every Termite quote.

Question 4

Check the Technicians doing the job are Termite accredited.


Ask to see their Health Department Licence. This should be marked Timber Pest Qualified. Remember it is your right to demand to see all these documents so do it.

Question 5

Do you apply just Chemical treatments, or just Baiting treatments?


If the Company only offers one form of treatment show them the door. It means they are looking at every house the same way…. however every house is unique.

Question 6

You have offered me a quote for drilling and injecting the external concrete. Why do you not offer to cut and remove it to allow full access and soil replacement?


Because they don’t know what they are doing.

Question 7

You have offered to dust treat Schedorhinotermes. Why?


Because they don’t understand what they are doing.

Question 8

Do you sub contract out the work or do it yourself?


Best to deal with the same people all the way through.

Pest Control

Pest Control

At Osborne’s we believe every home is unique. That’s why we tailor each treatment to fit each condition. By doing so will can give you this amazing 12 months guarantee:

“If your pests come back, then so do we!”

We treat your roof space, your wall cavities, your home interior and exterior. We spend the time to research the best products so you are guaranteed a pest FREE home.

Our Products

While using effective products is a major consideration, the other factor is Your Safety!

We give choosing the appropriate product to use on your home and family the upmost importance. We have carried out many hours of research to ensure that all our products meet a certain level of safety while giving you the maximum effectiveness.

VIP Pest Management & Control Gold Coast Package

What is our VIP Package? It’s where you get treated like a VIP?

We carry out a full pest treatment covering:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Webbing Spiders

…. at your home. PLUS we will give you a FREE Termite Appraisal as well.

We explain to you the importance of regular inspections, give you tips on how to minimise the risk to your home, analysis any shortcomings your current system (if any) may have and offer solutions on how best you can manage this.

Termite Management Decisions

There are two methods of long term management.

  • Chemical Application – you will notice I do not use the word barrier as there is no such thing!

There is nothing anyone can do that will stop Termites getting into an existing building. The idea of a Chemical Application is to impede concealed Termite ingress. Chemical Applications are very hard to apply properly and very expensive.

The current trend in the industry with external cement abutting the building is to drill holes and inject chemical through them. Beware this method does not comply with the Australian Standard and has very little chance of impeding concealed Termite entry.

The Australian Standard states that the treated area needs to be a certain width and a certain depth which cannot be achieved by injecting a hole in the cement.  We don’t know what is under the concrete and this may interfere with the creation of a continuous treated zone.

The method that should be applied is to cut a strip of the concrete out remove it to allow a trench to be dug completely around the structure. With modern Chemicals soil type is everything. Depending on soil type the chemical may not spread enough, may not be retained and may not make the chemical bioavailable. (Bioavailable means to allow the chemical to transfer onto the termite).

Once the correct type of soil is added to the trench the Chemical can perform to its maximum effect. It is also recommended that a reticulation system be installed around the perimeter to allow the reapplication of Chemical down the track.

Having created the perfect treated zone around the structure there are still possible entry points from under the slab, such as pipe penetrations inside the footing or any cracks and cold joins which are impossible to protect all. So even doing the very best treatment you may still be at risk.

Regular inspections are essential to minimise the potential damage. Osborne’s uses and recommends Fipronil as the premier Chemical product in the market.

  • Monitoring and Baiting System

This means placing in ground stations around the structure and monitoring them on a regular schedule and baiting any infestation that turns up. The idea is to intercept the Termites before they turn up inside and eliminate them before they have the chance to do damage.

These systems are very effective and way less disruptive to the building. No need to cut and remove strips of cement. Eliminate rather than exclude. Osborne’s only uses and recommends the Sentricon system.

The choice of product is vital!

At Osborne’s we test the products extensively to ensure our clients are being afforded the very best protection.

We are so confident in our expertise we back our treatments with a full *Timber Replacement Guarantee contact us for more details.

Termite Treatment

Here is the truth you are unlikely to here from any Pest Manager. There is nothing you can do that will keep Termites out of your home 100% and I mean… NOTHING!

The Australian Standards clearly states that Termite Management will attempt to impede Termite ingress. And that is all it can do.

In saying that I will attempt to guide you through all the miss information you have been fed…

Colony Elimination

Firstly, there are two different types of colony elimination. Direct and Remote.

  • Direct means you can see or find the nest and you simply destroy it. Easy!
  • Remote colony elimination means you cant locate the nest and so you attempt to destroy it by chemical means.

There are two different types of Remote Colony Elimination.

  • Dusting
  • Baiting

Dusting with Arsenic Trioxide or Termidor dusts are very questionable at best. There is no scientific proof it works. The result will have many varying factors such as species, number of termites treated from the distance of the colony.

It is hit and miss at best.

Some species of Termites such as Schedorhinotermes is where dusting is almost useless. This species is a multi-nester and dusting simply will not get all the nests. It is also the most common Termite found in South East Queensland accounting for about 70% of infestations in homes.

Baiting is the only scientifically proven method of remote colony elimination.

It allows the Termites to feed at their own pace on a bait 24/7 which they transfer throughout the colony until the colony dies out. With multi-nesters all the nests will feed on the bait thus eliminating them all. For remote colony elimination it is the most successful method available today.

Which baiting system is the best?

This is the easiest question to answer: Sentricon.

It has the most active ingredient of all baits, it is the only bait registered for all species of Termites not just some. And is the most used bait worldwide. It has stood the test of time.

Termite Inspection

Termites are capable of severe structural damage to your home.

Osbornes have inspected a house that had over $200,000 worth of damage, and regularly see homes with over $20,000 of damage. Don’t let this happen to you, insist on regular inspections!

Regular Inspections ensures you don’t have Termites and minimises the risk of infestation.

What is involved with a Termite Inspection?

An inspection is a thorough investigation of your property that will detect any Termite infestation and identify any conditions that are conducive to Termites. We make recommendations on how you can manage your Termite risk.

Termite damage in Australia to domestic homes only exceeds 1 billion dollars each year.

This is more than fire theft and flood damage combined. Your house hold insurance will not cover you for Termite damage. The inspection is your insurance policy against Termites. Regular inspections can minimise the amount of damage done to your home and acting on recommendations can minimise your risk of getting them.

At Osborne’s we pride ourselves on our expertise in finding Termites. We inspect all areas of the property up to 50 metres from the building. We get into the roof as far as is possible. We thoroughly check all timber elements of the building, carrying out sounding tests to timbers and the walls. We crawl into your sub-floor and inspect, if you have one. We provide you with a detailed report and advise you on your risk and how you can minimise it.

Why should you use Osbornes?

We are experts at what we do. We take time with our inspections about 2-2.5 hours for each inspection on an average size home. We restrict the amount of inspection for each Technician to no more than 3 in one day.

We Guarantee our inspections. Yes Guarantee. If we have inspected your home and you get Termites within that next 12 months we will treat it for *FREE contact us for more details.

Do you or don’t you have termites? Not sure… 1 in 3 homes do!

A CSRIO survey in 2004 found that one in three homes have had at least one infestation from subterranean Termites!

That’s the good news the bad news is the survey was carried out in the southern states of Australia. Here in Queensland the problem is worse.

Your home is at risk from Termites no matter what management system has been installed and if its a physical system then the risk is greater!

How do you minimize this risk?

You find a professional company that will conduct itself in a professional manner from start to finish. But good luck because this is not an easy task.

The worst news about Termites is the Termite Management Industry.

The industry is totally unregulated, has no adequate training program and its too easy to get qualified!

Some companies qualify their staff within only 4 – 6 weeks and then allow these people to inspect for Termites and carry out Termite Treatments in your home.

Please, I beg of you, do your research, apart from your family, your home is the most valuable thing you have! Dont leave it to cowboys to look after.

How do you find a reputable company?

That’s the good news!

First, I encourage you to read our web site, then get two quotes from other companies and call us.

You will then realise that Osborne’s Pest Services is the professional experienced company you are looking for. We are a family owned and run business that cares about our customer’s home and family. Why us… because:

  • We turn up when we say we will and on time.
  • We are fully insured (certificate of currency is available on request)
  • We are fully licenced by both Qld Health Department and Queensland Building services Authority; and
  • We guarantee our results!

Our treatments are fully compliant to the Australian Standards. Our advice to you is be prepared to be amazed about our knowledge our customer service and our care.

You’ll then see what we mean about experiencing the Professional Difference. To eliminate termites 24/7 Book Your Termite Inspection Gold Coast and Termite Treatment program today.

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