How to choose the right Company?

You ask the right questions, like:

How long will the inspection take?

Dont ask how much but how long is the important thing.

If you are paying a good inspector say $250.00 or about $125.00 an hour then thats about right. However, if you can get it for only $200.00 elsewhere and for under an hour then be warned!

The simple maths is $125.00 an hour to do the job properly or $200.00 an hour not to do the job properly. That bargain saving of $50.00 may cost you several thousand dollars later. Ensure you are receiving value and security.

What equipment will you be using?

Beware of gimmicks. By this I mean Thermal imaging cameras, Termitrac and Sniffer dogs. What these people are saying to you is I don’t know how to find Termites and need all the help I can get.

Thermal imaging cameras do not see into walls and rarely find Termites. If you need a Thermal camera to find Termites you should not be doing the job.

Termitrac at best is a very inconsistent tool, it does have some value but again a good inspector will find more.

Sniffer dogs can be of value if the training is kept up. They can also be erratic. Again a cute gimmick.

Are you insured?

Don’t take their word for it demand to see their Certificate of Currency.

Are you QBSA licenced?

Again demand to see their Certificate of Currency. It is your right to demand these documents so do.

Is your Health Department License endorsed for Timber Pests.

You may be dealing with an employee make sure that they are qualified. Don’t take their word for it make them show you. If they cannot show you any of these documents cancel the inspection until they can.