So why use Osborne’s?

Professionalism you will see that right from the very start!

As a family owned and operated business we care for our clients and their families because they have trusted us with their most valuable possession. Our integrity expertise and effectiveness are second to none.

Before calling us, we ask you to get at least one other quote, you will then Experience the Professional Difference that we provide.

How to Choose the Right Company?

If you get three different quotes you will get three different points of view.

So how do you choose the right company?

You ask the right questions.

Question 1

When you do my quote will you be suppling me a full inspection report?


Why do you need an inspection report you ask? For two reasons, firstly Section 4 Australian Standards states that a Termite manager or Firm proposing a termite Management program MUST IN ADDITION TO THE INSPECTION REPORT supply a quote in writing.

Why is this so important you ask?

A pest manager should be doing things by the book which in this case is the Australian Standards. Which brings me to the second point the quote allows you to get a feel for the integrity of the company you are dealing with.

Ask yourself this if they won’t do the quote properly what hope is there of them doing anything properly. Answer is none.

Do you trust your family home to someone with no integrity?

Question 2

Are you insured?


Ask for a copy of their Certificate of Currency. At Osbornes we supply a certificate with every Termite quote.

Question 3

Are they QBSA licenced?


Ask for a copy of their Certificate of Currency. At Osbornes we supply a certificate with every Termite quote.

Question 4

Check the Technicians doing the job are Termite accredited.


Ask to see their Health Department Licence. This should be marked Timber Pest Qualified. Remember it is your right to demand to see all these documents so do it.

Question 5

Do you apply just Chemical treatments, or just Baiting treatments?


If the Company only offers one form of treatment show them the door. It means they are looking at every house the same way…. however every house is unique.

Question 6

You have offered me a quote for drilling and injecting the external concrete. Why do you not offer to cut and remove it to allow full access and soil replacement?


Because they don’t know what they are doing.

Question 7

You have offered to dust treat Schedorhinotermes. Why?


Because they don’t understand what they are doing.

Question 8

Do you sub contract out the work or do it yourself?


Best to deal with the same people all the way through.