Termite Management Decisions

There are two methods of long term management.

  • Chemical Application – you will notice I do not use the word barrier as there is no such thing!

There is nothing anyone can do that will stop Termites getting into an existing building. The idea of a Chemical Application is to impede concealed Termite ingress. Chemical Applications are very hard to apply properly and very expensive.

The current trend in the industry with external cement abutting the building is to drill holes and inject chemical through them. Beware this method does not comply with the Australian Standard and has very little chance of impeding concealed Termite entry.

The Australian Standard states that the treated area needs to be a certain width and a certain depth which cannot be achieved by injecting a hole in the cement.  We don’t know what is under the concrete and this may interfere with the creation of a continuous treated zone.

The method that should be applied is to cut a strip of the concrete out remove it to allow a trench to be dug completely around the structure. With modern Chemicals soil type is everything. Depending on soil type the chemical may not spread enough, may not be retained and may not make the chemical bioavailable. (Bioavailable means to allow the chemical to transfer onto the termite).

Once the correct type of soil is added to the trench the Chemical can perform to its maximum effect. It is also recommended that a reticulation system be installed around the perimeter to allow the reapplication of Chemical down the track.

Having created the perfect treated zone around the structure there are still possible entry points from under the slab, such as pipe penetrations inside the footing or any cracks and cold joins which are impossible to protect all. So even doing the very best treatment you may still be at risk.

Regular inspections are essential to minimise the potential damage. Osborne’s uses and recommends Fipronil as the premier Chemical product in the market.

  • Monitoring and Baiting System

This means placing in ground stations around the structure and monitoring them on a regular schedule and baiting any infestation that turns up. The idea is to intercept the Termites before they turn up inside and eliminate them before they have the chance to do damage.

These systems are very effective and way less disruptive to the building. No need to cut and remove strips of cement. Eliminate rather than exclude. Osborne’s only uses and recommends the Sentricon system.

The choice of product is vital!

At Osborne’s we test the products extensively to ensure our clients are being afforded the very best protection.

We are so confident in our expertise we back our treatments with a full *Timber Replacement Guarantee contact us for more details.