Termite Treatment

Here is the truth you are unlikely to here from any Pest Manager. There is nothing you can do that will keep Termites out of your home 100% and I mean… NOTHING!

The Australian Standards clearly states that Termite Management will attempt to impede Termite ingress. And that is all it can do.

In saying that I will attempt to guide you through all the miss information you have been fed…

Colony Elimination

Firstly, there are two different types of colony elimination. Direct and Remote.

  • Direct means you can see or find the nest and you simply destroy it. Easy!
  • Remote colony elimination means you cant locate the nest and so you attempt to destroy it by chemical means.

There are two different types of Remote Colony Elimination.

  • Dusting
  • Baiting

Dusting with Arsenic Trioxide or Termidor dusts are very questionable at best. There is no scientific proof it works. The result will have many varying factors such as species, number of termites treated from the distance of the colony.

It is hit and miss at best.

Some species of Termites such as Schedorhinotermes is where dusting is almost useless. This species is a multi-nester and dusting simply will not get all the nests. It is also the most common Termite found in South East Queensland accounting for about 70% of infestations in homes.

Baiting is the only scientifically proven method of remote colony elimination.

It allows the Termites to feed at their own pace on a bait 24/7 which they transfer throughout the colony until the colony dies out. With multi-nesters all the nests will feed on the bait thus eliminating them all. For remote colony elimination it is the most successful method available today.

Which baiting system is the best?

This is the easiest question to answer: Sentricon.

It has the most active ingredient of all baits, it is the only bait registered for all species of Termites not just some. And is the most used bait worldwide. It has stood the test of time.